Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My baby girl

Its time to accept the fact that K. is not a baby. She is MY baby, but she is definitely not a baby! She is talking in sentences, is potty trained, and has her very own opinion (who would have guessed that would happen!). I'm thinking about starting her in a preschool to get some social interaction, but I think she might be too young (turned 2 in August). She is counting to twenty (much more if I am helping), can sing the ABC song, and can point out words/letters in print. We have been learning about the stages of writing in my reading acquisition class and K. is what the book considers an emergent writer - she no longer just scribbles all over the page, she imitate the motion of writing. She is "writing" from left to right, top to bottom, and is using a straight, loopy line. According to my textbook (which I know not to listen to!) emergent writers appear around age 4. Obviously this is a guideline, but still, she is almost 2 years early!

We went to the doctor this morning for a follow up to the pneumonia. She is 37 inches tall (95 percentile) and 28 lbs (about 40 percentile). Good news: we no longer have to do the nebulizer on a regular basis, only if she starts wheezing! She is still on a daily asthma/allergy preventative, and we have to keep the nebulizer around in case she gets an attack.

School is halfway done this semester, and I'm ready for it. I'm staying up till 2 in the morning just to finish homework/studying EVERY NIGHT. As much as I miss the extra money, I'm so glad I decided not to work this semester.

Halloween is almost here! K. is dressing up as an "itsy bitsy spider witch". She found a witch's hat with spider web designs and a spider hanging off the tip when we were searching for a costume. She LOVES the spiders, and everything else to do with Halloween! I decided to sew her an original spider witch costume so I'll post pics (as soon as I get it done!). We even have a huge spider web (fake) over the bushes in front of my living room, as well as a giant spider living in it. We carved a pumpkin (jack o'lantern?) over the weekend. K. loves pumpkins almost as much as she does the spiders (MY pumpkin!) so I figured she would have a blast but every time she tried to scoop out the seeds she would start gagging and run away! I guess she didn't like the smell!