Monday, August 18, 2008

Random Facts

We've been dealing with illness for the past week at my house - so instead of an actual post why don't you enjoy some random facts I put together while K. is napping?

1. I HAVE to finish a book the same day I started it. To me, its a little like a movie - why start if you don't stop.

2. I read 2 books this weekend. Being sick is a great excuse to read in bed all afternoon!

3. Peaches are my favorite fruit, yet I went for about a year without eating a fresh peach. Why?

4. Because I found a worm in my peach last summer. This has led to weird habit of cutting my peach into bite sized pieces (think: toddler food) in order to be sure there is no worm.

5. I am terrified of water. I don't look at it in the shower, I can't stand it in my face, and I get nervous driving next to a river or lake.

6. It is 75 degrees here today!!

7. I've been walking/running on my treadmill for about 3 weeks and have already lost 10 inches.

8. I started a diet last week and have lost 3 pounds so far.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Damn Rain

Normally I wouldn't complain about rain - especially in the middle of August (OMG ITS THE MIDDLE OF AUGUST ALREADY?!). Normally, a little rain would be the perfect break to 100+ degree weather, and would be welcomed.

But when the weather forecasts have been saying 30%-60% chance of rain for the past 2 weeks and it hasn't rained yet, I tend to ignore the forecasts. Which is exactly the reason why I spent a few hours in the 100+ degree weather on Saturday, cleaning my car. I washed, shined, and cleaned the windows. I threw out all the stray Cheerios and put all the little "car toys" in their own container to keep them organized. I even cleaned the wheels!!

And what happened this morning? Yes, it rained. As I said, damn rain!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


With all of the stats/updates on K.'s doctor's appointment I failed to mention that it was the first time she has really embarrassed me in public. She has had her fair share of tantrums and crying, but they have all been manageable. Yesterday she was extremely well mannered and didn't even think about having a tantrum. However, I'm learning that her beginning to talk is MUCH more embarrassing than any tantrum she has had.

I am trying to start potty training at home. She has been doing wonderfully with parts of it: she knows the routine (take off pants, pull down Pull-Up, sit on the potty, wipe, flush, wash hands) and does it every time. She very rarely actually goes when she is sitting on the potty, and tells me immediately after she goes that it is time to potty. Lately she has been telling me as she is going. As a result, I have been trying to make her more aware of what she is doing by giving her bodily functions names and telling her when she pees or poops, etc.

H. thinks its hilarious to add "toot" to her list of things that her body is doing. Every time she farted (when she was a few months younger), he would say, "Uh oh, baby toot!!" Now every time she or any one around her farts she says, "(insert name here) TOOT!" Very, VERY loudly.

So yesterday while we were waiting for her blood to be drawn, we were sitting in a long hallway with chairs lining the sides - a semi-waiting room for about 3 different doctors offices. There was only one other woman around us, but a TON of other people down the hall waiting for the other doctors. After we signed in and turned in necessary forms, K. and I sat in the old vinyl chair and K. began playing with a horse toy. She dropped it on the ground and when I bent down to pick it up the old vinyl squeaked with me moving. Her jaw dropped, forming an O with her mouth.

And what came out next?? "Uh oh!! MOMMY TOOT!!" And if it weren't bad enough, every time I moved the chair continued squeaking. K. didn't say anything to me, but turned her head every time. I got up and moved when she said, "Mommy need potty?"

Kid's say the darnedest things?

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Doctor's Appointment

K.'s 2 year check up was this afternoon. I was a little nervous because it was just her and I, and she doesn't like to sit for long periods of time (what 2 year old does?!). I packed plenty of books and toys, but luckily we didn't have to wait for long. We were pleasantly surprised when H. came in (he took a late lunch), and he sat with her until she was called back to see the doctor.

She is officially tall for her age (I KNEW IT! lol), at 35" (80th percentile), and she weighs 27 lbs 8 oz (60th percentile). She sat quietly while the doctor looked her over and didn't complain at all. We had to go to a different building so she could get blood work done and I was nervous the entire way. She didn't seem to care (obviously didn't know what was going on!), and just wanted to play in the chairs.

After chasing her down a long hallway (the lab was in the same administration building that H. works in) while she was yelling DADDY!!! the entire way, the tech called us back. K. squirmed for a little while because I was holding her, yelled stuck!!! a few times, then quieted down. She watched with interest as the woman tied a rubber band around her arm and looked for a vein.

And the most amazing part?? She didn't even cry. She didn't jerk around, she didn't try to get down, and she didn't scream. She just sat there and watched as her blood was being drawn. I am extremely proud of her.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Things I could live without

(Yes, I know I posted once already. I'm annoyed and just trying to pass time. Deal with it.)

- Not having a dishwasher. I feel like I ALWAYS have a pile of dishes waiting on me - and there are only 3 of us!!

- K.'s doctor. Every time I call I get a recording telling me that they are closed until the next week. Last week I called and he was on vacation. The nice secretary (on the answering machine) told me to call 911 if it was an emergency. Well, duh.

- H. blaming things on me. His most recent "mistake" was leaving the sprinklers on all night, but only on one side of the house. Water from our house was all the way down the street, making its way 2 streets down from us. We got this giant water bill last week, and H.'s response? "You forgot to remind me to turn it off." Grr.

- Dogs. Discovered a new hole. This one included electrical wiring - they got lucky.

- 107 degrees, plus humidity. The thermometer on the car read 109 at one point yesterday. Enough said.

party update

K.'s 2nd birthday was Saturday. We had a blast!! My parents, some friends, and my in laws all came to help us celebrate her big day. She played with a little boy that was about 5 months older than her, and she did great (considering it was one of the first times she has been around a kid her age - none of our friends have kids yet.)

She had fun playing in the pool, and loved opening presents. She didn't even care what was in the boxes; she just wanted to "OPEN, Mommy!! OPEN!" She loved ripping the paper off as fast as possible. I'll post some pics as soon as I upload.

I still get really excited about the start of school (yes, I know I'm a dork!) and love buying school supplies, so yesterday we went to the Galleria in Dallas to find some new school clothes (for me, yay!) and to buy clothes for K. We found the cutest store for kid/baby clothes, and their prices weren't outrageous.

I do have to complain a little: when you have a child potty training, its best to stay at home. She had been doing great until her birthday (where she was too excited and forgot about everything), and started again the next day. We were walking around, and H. stopped at the bathrooms. When he came out K. yelled "Baby TOO!", meaning she had to go too. Only H. thought she just wanted out of the stroller, and was complaining because he said no. After arguing briefly (and quietly), we kept going only to find that she had an accident through her pull up and was sitting in a wet stroller.

We turned around to go back to the bathroom, and when we got there we noticed a line of about 9 women (and only 2 stalls), but there were NO men in the restroom. H. refused to take her to the men's room, and we ended up walking all the way back to the car to change her there. I COULDN'T take her to the women's bathroom. All the women were in bad moods and refusing to move to let another mom in to change her baby, so we didn't even try.

We are finally back to routine around here, with no major holidays or birthdays for at least a month. K. is expecting her first cousin to be born sometime at the end of this month. She has a small understanding of the baby, but I think she is thinking about him in terms of a doll.

Oh, and as a side note - I haven't decided which is more annoying: the finger paints K. received, or the baby doll that moves it face and cries like a real baby if you remove its pacifier.