Wednesday, August 6, 2008


With all of the stats/updates on K.'s doctor's appointment I failed to mention that it was the first time she has really embarrassed me in public. She has had her fair share of tantrums and crying, but they have all been manageable. Yesterday she was extremely well mannered and didn't even think about having a tantrum. However, I'm learning that her beginning to talk is MUCH more embarrassing than any tantrum she has had.

I am trying to start potty training at home. She has been doing wonderfully with parts of it: she knows the routine (take off pants, pull down Pull-Up, sit on the potty, wipe, flush, wash hands) and does it every time. She very rarely actually goes when she is sitting on the potty, and tells me immediately after she goes that it is time to potty. Lately she has been telling me as she is going. As a result, I have been trying to make her more aware of what she is doing by giving her bodily functions names and telling her when she pees or poops, etc.

H. thinks its hilarious to add "toot" to her list of things that her body is doing. Every time she farted (when she was a few months younger), he would say, "Uh oh, baby toot!!" Now every time she or any one around her farts she says, "(insert name here) TOOT!" Very, VERY loudly.

So yesterday while we were waiting for her blood to be drawn, we were sitting in a long hallway with chairs lining the sides - a semi-waiting room for about 3 different doctors offices. There was only one other woman around us, but a TON of other people down the hall waiting for the other doctors. After we signed in and turned in necessary forms, K. and I sat in the old vinyl chair and K. began playing with a horse toy. She dropped it on the ground and when I bent down to pick it up the old vinyl squeaked with me moving. Her jaw dropped, forming an O with her mouth.

And what came out next?? "Uh oh!! MOMMY TOOT!!" And if it weren't bad enough, every time I moved the chair continued squeaking. K. didn't say anything to me, but turned her head every time. I got up and moved when she said, "Mommy need potty?"

Kid's say the darnedest things?

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