Monday, August 4, 2008

party update

K.'s 2nd birthday was Saturday. We had a blast!! My parents, some friends, and my in laws all came to help us celebrate her big day. She played with a little boy that was about 5 months older than her, and she did great (considering it was one of the first times she has been around a kid her age - none of our friends have kids yet.)

She had fun playing in the pool, and loved opening presents. She didn't even care what was in the boxes; she just wanted to "OPEN, Mommy!! OPEN!" She loved ripping the paper off as fast as possible. I'll post some pics as soon as I upload.

I still get really excited about the start of school (yes, I know I'm a dork!) and love buying school supplies, so yesterday we went to the Galleria in Dallas to find some new school clothes (for me, yay!) and to buy clothes for K. We found the cutest store for kid/baby clothes, and their prices weren't outrageous.

I do have to complain a little: when you have a child potty training, its best to stay at home. She had been doing great until her birthday (where she was too excited and forgot about everything), and started again the next day. We were walking around, and H. stopped at the bathrooms. When he came out K. yelled "Baby TOO!", meaning she had to go too. Only H. thought she just wanted out of the stroller, and was complaining because he said no. After arguing briefly (and quietly), we kept going only to find that she had an accident through her pull up and was sitting in a wet stroller.

We turned around to go back to the bathroom, and when we got there we noticed a line of about 9 women (and only 2 stalls), but there were NO men in the restroom. H. refused to take her to the men's room, and we ended up walking all the way back to the car to change her there. I COULDN'T take her to the women's bathroom. All the women were in bad moods and refusing to move to let another mom in to change her baby, so we didn't even try.

We are finally back to routine around here, with no major holidays or birthdays for at least a month. K. is expecting her first cousin to be born sometime at the end of this month. She has a small understanding of the baby, but I think she is thinking about him in terms of a doll.

Oh, and as a side note - I haven't decided which is more annoying: the finger paints K. received, or the baby doll that moves it face and cries like a real baby if you remove its pacifier.

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Anonymous said...

I've seen a doll like that in Target and it creeps me out. Of course my kid is fascinated by it, but I've already lived the real life "crying when the paci falls out", so why live through a fake version?