Monday, August 4, 2008

Things I could live without

(Yes, I know I posted once already. I'm annoyed and just trying to pass time. Deal with it.)

- Not having a dishwasher. I feel like I ALWAYS have a pile of dishes waiting on me - and there are only 3 of us!!

- K.'s doctor. Every time I call I get a recording telling me that they are closed until the next week. Last week I called and he was on vacation. The nice secretary (on the answering machine) told me to call 911 if it was an emergency. Well, duh.

- H. blaming things on me. His most recent "mistake" was leaving the sprinklers on all night, but only on one side of the house. Water from our house was all the way down the street, making its way 2 streets down from us. We got this giant water bill last week, and H.'s response? "You forgot to remind me to turn it off." Grr.

- Dogs. Discovered a new hole. This one included electrical wiring - they got lucky.

- 107 degrees, plus humidity. The thermometer on the car read 109 at one point yesterday. Enough said.

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