Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I'm still here!

I know its been awhile, but I've been really busy! Sorry! My SIL's baby shower is this weekend, so I'm trying to get last minute things together. I just realized that K's birthday is in 2 weeks, and that there are a total of 30 people that are going to be in my house. This is just family, and a few close friends!!

*I'm glad so many people want to share the celebration of her birthday, but where do you draw the line?? I wouldn't have too much of a problem, except that we have enough parking space in the driveway for exactly 1.5 cars (We both have small cars, so they fit), the garage is full of junk (I CAN'T throw it away, might be useful *someday*), and there is enough room in front of our house for about 3 cars parked in the street. I'm totally stressing over this.

*I'm trying to decide whether or not to work this coming school year. I'm taking 18 hours of classes, 9 of which are online classes. I will be commuting 100 miles a day (damn gas prices), and still have to have enough energy to take care of the house. Money isn't really an issue. We can get by just fine (pay all the bills, have a little left for savings, etc) with just H. working, but as he put it "we won't have any money for fun." And I feel GUILTY about not working and helping out.

*We have been painting (again!) parts of our house. I have finally painted the kitchen, and parts of the dining room. Pics to come, as soon as its finished.

*Just to complain a little (and because every one else has already heard enough), residents in my city are required to boil their water "until further notice." I don't know all the details, but I think half of the pumps at the transfer station went out, and there is a chance of contamination and bacteria in the water that is now being pumped. I got a phone call from H. yesterday, telling me not to use the water. We went out to buy bottled water, and could only find the small packages. We could just boil water, but my kitchen is basically turned upside down from painting (which started before the water mess), and the stove is not plugged in (its a gas stove). Hopefully we are allowed to use it again soon.

*We went out to eat last night (lack of stove, remember), and the restaurant we went to was only serving bottled water and canned sodas (which we figured because of the water problem). It wouldn't have been too bad, but they were charging $1.45 for a 12 oz can of Coke!! Luckily the bottled water was only 0.60, because I was about ready to walk out.

Hopefully I'll be back soon. I HAVE to get the house back together before the baby shower this weekend!

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