Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I think I'm a bit spoiled...

I actually woke up this morning and called my mom complaining that we were up too early. K. has always slept really, really well at night. Usually she goes to bed between 9 and 10 pm, and slept through the night until 9:30 am. If you even consider waking her up before that she gets a little grumpy and, well needy all day long. This was always a hassle because I have to leave around 6:00 am when I am driving to school but now that its done for the semester I have become a little spoiled. I LOVE sleeping in, so this was working out perfectly for both of us.

Until today. K. got up at 8:00 am. After a LONG night. And I am tired.

One of our routines at bedtime and nap time is to tuck in a stuffed Poopy (puppy) and Tutle (turtle). She WILL NOT SLEEP if these animals aren't tucked into a blanket next to her. On days that I work (yay only 3 days left!!), she takes them to grandma's house, just in case she needs to nap. H. accidental forgot Poopy yesterday, but we didn't go back to get it (although his parents house is like a mile from ours) and just figured we would substitute another puppy at bedtime.

That was obviously the thinking of novice parents. At bedtime I found at least 5 other puppies. She held on to her turtle and kept calling Puppy, Puppy!! She was even patting her leg like she was calling a real dog. It was the cutest thing EVER... until I told her puppy stayed at grandma's house. Her little bottom lip quivered and she said, "No, no Poopy!!" and her eyes filled with tears. H., who had been listening to our conversation on the baby monitor, had already gotten ready to go over to grandma's house to pick up Poopy at 11:30 last night.

We retrieved the puppy, and she went to bed with no problems. If only everything were that simple. Lesson learned.

On the plus side, I have cleaned/mopped my entire house before 10:00 am.

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