Saturday, May 31, 2008


I am a dog person. I have always had a dog, and when I don't I really want one. That being said, I can't say no to a puppy - we now have 3 dogs.

We got the first while we were living in an apartment. He is a little (less than 10lbs) mutt. The people we got him from kept him locked up in a kennel all day, and he was not house trained. Lets just say he's made a much better outside dog than inside dog.

Shortly before we closed on our house we got an adorable lab puppy. We were originally going to adopt an older one, but H. came home with Buddy. Who can't say no to an adorable lab puppy?? Someone who has had one in the past, that's who...

When Buddy got a little older, he began digging, chewing, tearing up, etc. my entire backyard and house. He slept in our bedroom for awhile, until he chewed the corner of H.'s dresser. Then he was sent to the laundry room, with a baby gate at the door. He did okay for awhile, but began chewing the corner of a cabinet. The last straw for him was when he chewed up A BRAND NEW PIECE OF TILE!! It had just been installed (no it wasn't ceramic, but vinyl) and he decided that the challenge was worth it. Outside - he chewed the wires that connected the A/C to the house (VITAL if you live in Tx), the ignitor on the grill, and the siding on the workshop in the backyard!

So instead of putting him outside at night, or giving him up for adoption (I COULD NEVER DO THAT!!), we decided to get another puppy. Another lab puppy. What were we thinking??! We found a 12 week old yellow lab puppy. We went to Alvarado (read: tiny little town right outside of the Metroplex) to meet them. When he got out of the car I knew he wasn't a lab. They told us he was a "Golden Labrador", which is supposedly some designer breed. He was so cute that we took him home anyway.

Now, 2 months later "Boots" (named after the monkey on Dora; K. named him), is doing great. Buddy is doing so much better. For now, it seem to be the best decision I made about the dogs.

We are going to Arlington today to see a friend of mine. I lived in Arlington for about a year, and even though its full of people I loved it. Definitely have to go to the mall, as our poor excuse for a town doesn't have a real one. My brother's graduation is next week, and neither K. nor I have anything to wear.

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