Wednesday, June 4, 2008


I'm still here, just enjoying my week off. This week I have absolutely NOTHING that I HAVE to do, besides the usual mommy job. The sad thing is that I'm already feeling like I've been locked up in the house too long. I guess that is what happens when I'm always on the run.

We are leaving in 2 days to go to my brother's graduation. We're going to have a lot of family around so it will be nice. The only downside is that he graduates at 6:00 pm Sunday. There are so many high schools in the area that all use the same facility, so graduation runs from Friday to Sunday, almost back to back. This wouldn't be a problem, except my 2 summer classes start the next day. I'm taking concepts of elementary math (BLAH!), and an early childhood class.

Last weekend I received a letter in the mail from my university. I was really nervous - to the point that I wanted to puke. You see, I applied for admission to the teaching program this past semester. We were basically told that if we didn't hear from them, we got in... but if you get a letter from the office of academic affairs, then you might have something to worry about. Well that letter from the university came from the office of academic affairs. After a brief PANIC, I opened it. The letter was a congratulations for receiving the title of "Distinguished Student; one of the highest honors TSU confers on students." Needless to say, I was relieved.

On the parenting front - I need some suggestions for potty training. K. is almost 2 - will be in August. I really feel like its time to start potty training. She seems to understand when she has to go. When we rush, or are already in the bathroom she makes it to the potty on time. She loves to sit on the potty, wiping, and flushing, but she hardly ever goes. Does anyone have any tips/tricks?

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