Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Lazy summer days

I love lazy summer days. No work... a single class... and plenty of time to spend with K. I have been working out for 30 minutes every morning and I already feel amazing. I have so much more energy.

Last weekend we got to spend some time with my side of the family. We stayed at my mom's house from Friday till Monday, because my brother graduated at 6:00 Sunday night. Friday K. stayed with my mom while H. and I went to the eye doctor. I have yet to find a decent eye doctor in my area that doesn't ask for an arm and leg for payment. I had been having pretty bad headaches and thought (from past experiences) that it was from my eyesight. Turns out my prescription had been too strong, but I have really bad astigmatism. Luckily these new contacts have fixed everything. H. wasn't wearing glasses or contacts, but it turns out that he needed to.

While we were at the eye doctor K. got spoiled beyond my control. She LOVES to eat, and always seems hungry. She tries to eat ALL the time - to the point that I asked her doctor about it. She is around the 40-5oth percentile for weight though... and has been consistently since about 6 months old so the doctor wasn't worried about it. He basically just said to feed her regular meals with a few snacks, and to ignore the rest of her requests for food - just like I had been doing. My mom must have forgotten this, because K. ate all afternoon, with NO nap. My child is a pain in the butt if she doesn't have a nap. So Friday night was miserable. Around 10:30 we finally got to go to bed (we were sleeping on an air mattress in the living room, and K. on the couch) and K. decided that it was play time. She was over tired and over cranky, and so was I. I think we finally went to sleep around 1:30, just to get up at her new normal time of 7:30.

Saturday and Sunday were just fine. She behaved like the normal little girl I know. Sunday she fell asleep on the way to the graduation and slept through part of it. When she woke up she was very well behaved and sat through the entire thing. She even made it through dinner later on. I'm so glad that she is finally at the age where she can (sort of) sit through things patiently

A little more good news - my dad said he would help paint my car. I have an 01 Mustang (H. got the brand new car...but I don't care b/c I've always wanted a Mustang) that is black with gold accents. It has a stripe on the bottom of the car that is gold. My dad used to paint cars (even went to school for it) and I asked him if he would spray all of the gold stripes pink. He agreed to do it next time he was able to visit.

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