Saturday, June 21, 2008

time off

I just found out, this morning to be exact, that H. has the next 2 weeks off. Since he works for the school district, the year starts over on July 1st. He had 5 vacation days left that would have been lost on July 1st, so he is taking next week off to use them. The week of the 4th of July the entire department is shutting down. So from now until July 7th H. will be at home. Driving me nuts.

I really do love him and love spending time togther, but I like my alone time with K. I don't get much of it during the school year, so this is great. Oh well, maybe our kitchen will finally get painted. It been partially painted since the beginning of May.

Oh and the one day he is going in (to make sure everyone has things to do while he's gone) is the morning of our wedding anniversary.

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