Friday, June 20, 2008

Party time!

K.'s birthday is Aug. 2, and we are having the party the same day. Until today I just assumed that I would have a Dora party for her, obviously since she is obsessed with the cartoon. We went to the party store today to see what types of decorations they have (and how much it was going to cost). She quickly paused at the Dora section, then went off running. I let her go, just to see what she was going to get into.

After saying hi to a life sized Hannah Montana poster, she made her way to the luau section. She said hi to "Nemo" (it was just an orange fish) and tried to wear a few leis. She wanted everything that included fish and flowers, so I guess this is our new theme: backyard luau. We were already planning to play in the pool and grill, so this works out perfectly.

I have gotten absolutley no where in planning the baby shower for my SIL. I do know that there will be 10-15 people... but NO idea who. I am about ready to tell her to plan it herself, or let my MIL do it. She called with all kinds of requests, and everything was really, really expensive. And on top of that... she wants to do it around the first weekend in August - which is K.'s birthday. I basically told her that if she wants it at that time then I won't be the one planning it. K's birthday is more important to me, and I will have my hands full with that. We don't do huge parties (she's only 2), but all of my side of the family will be there so it will be a little stressful for me.

Since I don't have much experience with baby shower's, is it normal for the mom to be to request everthing done her way? I assumed that was the job of the person giving the baby shower. Or, maybe I'm just a little too much of a control freak and should ease up and let her have her way. After all, it is her party...


Anonymous said...

Wow. That sounds really selfish to me. I was just grateful to have a shower. The only input I gave for mine was the guest list. The person who threw it for me asked me for a list, so I didn't even volunteer it.

k's mama said...

This all started when I asked about a guest list, which I still don't have. Instead she has given me a ton of suggestions/requests for her own baby shower. Its driving me nuts!n