Thursday, June 12, 2008

I hope its just allergies

K. has been kinda, well, snotty since we got back from my mom's house. Yesterday she began to cough just a little bit, but nothing too horrible. Today has been a different story. She woke up just fine this morning. She sneezed a bit more than normal, but still ran around like a wild child. She volunteered to take a nap (WHAT??! My child??) around 2:00, saying "Night, night mommy." I walked in her room about ten minutes later to see her laying in her bed asleep, so I covered her up and went to do some reading for my class.

When she woke up (2 and a half hours later; again - not normal for my child) she was extremely warm and coughing a lot more. I had fallen asleep reading my text book (that's perfectly normal) and she woke me up by climbing on me saying "Baby hot. Mommy cold, baby hot." She calls herself baby all the time, its cute. I found out she had a 101 degree temperature after fighting her to take a temperature. A little Tylenol and a drink of water was all it took, because by the time H. got home she was running crazy again, at least until bedtime. If she's not better I'm going to take her to the doctor in the morning. The fever out of nowhere scares me a little. I'm a little hesitant because she has only really been sick 3 times in her lifetime - twice turned out to be a small cold mixed with possible allergies; the other was a stomach flu. We have been really lucky in that sense, especially since H. and I both work around a lot of kids and people every day. On the other hand, I'm still really nervous when she even hints at being sick. I'm like the new mom who rushes her newborn in for every symptom. Or... maybe I'm just paranoid.

On slightly better terms... K. has made up a new game (When did she get old enough to do this??!). She uses my legs for a playground when I am sitting on the couch. She sits on my feet when they are on the floor and says "Swing Mommy", meaning she is pretending they are a swing. So far they have been a swing, a slide, and a ride - meaning a car. I am still amazed at her imagination and capability to invent things to play. My degree is going to have an emphasis in early childhood development so I have taken a TON of courses directed solely towards early childhood (by TON I mean 21 hours so far). It is so fun to read and learn about things that children do, and to know the logic behind some of their actions, but at the same time every time K. does something new I'm mystified. I know its supposed to happen at some point, but I'm still going OMG when did my baby start growing up?? She will be two in less 2 months, when did that happen??

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