Monday, June 30, 2008

Live and Learn

I have a real "live and learn" method of parenting. I tend not to follow much advice, and just learn by doing. A very kinesthetic approach if you will.

But, sometimes I wish I would listen a little more. Like tonight. My mom has already told me that K. is old enough to understand what is going on when we watch TV. K. doesn't really watch much, except for Dora, but even then all she does is sing along while playing with something else.

Tonight, H. was watching some show on the Discovery Channel. I have no idea what it was because K. and I came in after it started. I sat down and made a comment about the cute mice on the show. K. mimicked "cute, cute!!" and pointed. I should pause to say that whenever we go to any pet store she stops at all the little critters and laughs and says cute. She LOVES them!

So as the show goes on, I realized the group of guys were actually exterminators, and that they were "taking care" of a mice problem. After a brief discussion of what type of trap works best, they show a mouse being caught.

Of course, K. looked at the TV just in time to say "cute!", followed by a shriek and a few tears. I don't think she understood that he was killed, but the snap and the um, movemKents of the mouse seemed to scare her.

Needless to say, we went back in her bedroom and played with her Hokey Pokey Elmo. She got a kick out of me doing the hokey pokey and forgot all about the mouse.

As I said, Live and Learn.

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