Thursday, May 22, 2008

Intro to us

I've been reading blogs forever, but have yet to find time to write my own. Now that school is coming to an end for the semester I have some time on my hands. I am married (to H.) with a 22 month old daughter (K.). I work part time, go to school full time, and still have to find time to manage a household.

Since the end of the semester life has been fairly simple. I have a daughter who loves to sleep until 9 am, eats regularly, and is really easy to care for. I think she is one of those kids you hear about... you know, the one who tricks their parents into thinking that parenting is easy. I am terrified of having a second child because the first has been so easy. But at the same time I am totally ready for another baby.

I love being a mom, and everything that comes with it.

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