Tuesday, May 27, 2008

upcoming events

It seems like as soon as life seems to settle down something else comes up. I am looking forward to only 3 more days of work for this semester. After that I will be able to stay at home with K. only to plan/stress about an upcoming trip/"vacation". In two weeks we are going to visit my parents for a long 4 day weekend. My brother is graduating that weekend, so there will be a TON of people at the house. Not exactly relaxing, but will still be a change of pace. Did I mention my summer classes start the very next day?

Two weeks after that is our wedding anniversary, so I am also busy making plans for a "camping" trip for the family. I say "camping" because I am NOT going to take a 2 year old camping in probably 100 degree weather. Its already been over 90 for like a week now, with forecasts close to 100 degrees THIS week. Where did spring go?? We are going to stay in a cabin on one of the lakes here in North Texas. I haven't decided where yet, but I am still looking forward to it.

K. has been extra busy lately. She is talking more and more. Sometimes in complete sentences, sometimes not. She has a tendency to leave off the consonant sounds of a word so its a little difficult to understand her. Her latest fascination is the ice maker on the freezer. Our fridge is fairly new (bought when we bought our new house in November), and I really wish I would have though things through when I bought it. I was trying to save money, so we didn't get the fancier model with built in child locks. Why pay extra for that useless feature??! I can buy the plastic kind at Walmart... So much for my thought process. She has mastered opening the little plastic locks, and succeeded in opening both the fridge and the freezer. She puts her little paws all over the ice and then whines when it is too cold on her hands. Well, that's what you get, you little mastermind.


Anonymous said...

hehe! That cracks me up about the ice.

There is no way I'd camp in Texas between the months of May and Nov. *shudder* A cabin on a lake sounds nice, though.

Manager Mom said...

I would like to try "camping" with my littles...so long as it's a 20 minute or less drive home after they freak out in the middle of the night...