Sunday, September 14, 2008

I will remember

This is a few days late because we were at the hospital, but I want to share my story.

I was in tenth grade, barely old enough to understand the impact on our country, on our world. I was early to my first class and was sitting around, probably gossiping with friends. A boy walked in and turned on the TV, which was a normal morning routine for our geography class.
We started class with the news coverage. Our teacher became so upset he couldn't conduct class. He had a brother working in the World Trade Center. All I can remember from those first moments was what he silently wrote on the board. It was the first time I had seen the name Osama Bin Laden. It has since become a name I will never forget. My classmates and I spent the day watching news coverage. Although we were still young, we knew the major personal impact this would have on our lives.

I grew up near Ft. Hood, Texas. My childhood house was literally 2 blocks away from post. That was the day the post closed, and traffic to post was backed up all the way through town. Friday's football game was accompanied by soldiers carrying firearms. Very close friends and family members were sent overseas. My high school graduation had soldiers posted outside of the building, as well as at every entrance/exit. We had a direct satellite connection to Iraq so the soldiers who had children graduating could see their child walk across the stage. They were able to talk to their kids after the ceremony. General Chiarelli even made a speech to the graduating class. He had a son who graduated with me.

I have a friend who's dad and brother both went overseas in the Army. Her brother flew home the same day as her dad flew out. I know a few people who have lost spouses, friends, and children.

I tend to think of this as a day K. will learn about in history class. She will be able to read, learn, and hear the stories related, but it will never have the same impact as it did to our class, to me.

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