Saturday, September 13, 2008


K. is doing MUCH, much better. We are home now, but she is on strict treatment with antibiotics, steroids, and breathing treatments.

Last night was extremely long. She had to sleep under an oxygen tent (a clear plastic box, basically) in order to keep her stats up. Every time she woke up she was terrified, so we pulled her out and comforted her. Her oxygen stats would drop at least 5-10% every time she was out of the box. She had a continuous oxygen monitor on her toe, and was hooked to the machine all night. Every time it dropped below 90 the VERY LOUD alarm would sound.

Her doctor came in this morning while K. was up and playing. He listened to her lungs, and cleared her to go home. I am still concerned that she will not breathe as well as she could tonight, but I am extremely glad to be home. My poor baby is now weary of anyone who is in scrubs, and has bruises at any point she has a visible vein. The nurses ended up putting 3 different IV's in (blown vein, IV falling out, etc.) and poked her many, many more times. She still did great, all things considered. I am very proud of how brave she was.

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