Monday, September 29, 2008


My interview for student teaching went great! The department head was impressed by my resume, and had a ton of good things to say about the application I put together.

I also found out that I can student teach in the city I am living in. I didn't think I would get to because H. works for the district, and I've also worked for the district. Turns out that I just have to go to a school where I haven't worked.

So yay! I'm excited!

Oh and I also found out that next semester I will only have school 2 days a week (meaning only 200 miles a week, opposed to the 500 I'm driving this semester), and one day a week at the elementary school where I am student teaching. That's gonna save a TON of money on gas... looks like Disney World may be a possibility next summer!

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Woo hoo!!!