Monday, September 22, 2008

Will it ever go away?

K. has been doing GREAT since she was released from the hospital. Well, had been doing great - She ended up having to go back to the doctor today because her symptoms came back. She coughed all night long, keeping us all awake. When I dropped her off at my MIL's house today she immediately got on the floor to play with her Lego's (relax, they are the HUGE baby safe ones!), but by the time H. came to see her at lunch she was breathing heavy and very listless.

She went into the doctor at 1:00 and was given THREE more medications to take (adding to the two we are doing right now!!). She has to go back Thursday for a follow up, to see if the meds. are working. Did I mention FIVE medicines during the day? FIVE?! I know some people do much more, but it is a new routine that I'm having to get used to. Two of the five are breathing treatments given through a nebulizer, so that takes time to sit and finish. Oh, and it has to be EVERY 6 hours, including through the night. I almost feel like night time feedings are back!

Don't get me wrong: I'm not complaining about doing this to make her feel better. I will gladly do anything within my power to help her and make her well again. I'm just a little overwhelmed right now. I was terrified she would have to go back into the hospital, but luckily we are trying to treat it at home for now. The doctor is thinking asthma (aggravated by the end of the pneumonia), but says he can't diagnose asthma until she has shown symptoms for at least 6 months.

Oh, and you know you love your kid when you break down crying in front of half of your math concepts class. H. called and told me that K. was not doing well right before I went to class. Since my university is about an hour away from our house, we both decided I should just stay there, finish the class, and then come home. He agreed to call me if she had to go back to the hospital. I reluctantly went into class, and told my teacher that if I got the phone call, I would have to leave. She was very understanding, but at the same time she made me feel guilty. She asked what I was doing there, and told me to go home. A few people asked about what was going on, but I was already starting to tear up by then.

I do feel a little stupid, especially since it was not as big of a deal as I thought (Kim thinks: OMG, she is going to be hospitalized, OMG she can't breathe, OMG why am I so selfish, I came to school instead of staying with my baby, OMG OMG what happens if she doesn't get better) Maybe I did overreact but she is my baby, my only baby, and I was worried.

She still has a pretty deep cough, but she is breathing much easier.


Anonymous said...

I was going to ask if it was possible she has asthma. How is she handling all the treatments? Gah, what a stressful week. I hope her little lungs recover quickly.

k's mama said...

We've decreased to only two breathing treatments per day so she is handling it much better. She seems to think they are okay as long as one of us is reading a book to her.