Monday, September 29, 2008

Send a few good lucks?

I have a meeting with the head of the student teacher placement today. I'm incredibly nervous (although the secretary said it wasn't a big deal) because this is the woman who will decide (after a 30 minute meeting) whether or not I am capable of continuing in education.

I had to put together a HUGE (40 something page, but some were copies) document of my work, a resume, and why I want to be a teacher. She has reviewed the document last week, and today I am meeting with her to decide 1) whether or not I can student teacher, and 2) if so, where I will be going.

This may not be as big of a deal as I'm making it seem, but still, today's meeting will determine what I'm doing for at least the next year (1 semester of observations in the school/one semester of student teaching). So maybe if you could send some luck this way (luck that I get into the school I requested, the one that is close to home) I'd really appreciate it!

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Anonymous said...

Fingers crossed!