Wednesday, September 3, 2008

umm, hi.

I've been so busy that I've neglected the blog world! Sorry, so much to tell! I'll save time and list:

1. School started last week. My first professor started class by saying, "This is going to be a tough semester. Some of you won't make it." What positive energy!! *rolls eyes* So far everything has been going okay. K. and I are both adjusting to the change.

2. My job (the same as last year), was supposedly not going to be around this year. The department that ran the program was dissolved, so we planned on me not working this year. I got a phone call at 8:30 pm the night before school started telling me the program was a go. I decided not to do it full time (mostly because of a lack of time), but I am still working as a substitute.

3. Still no baby. Almost 2 weeks past due date. Still waiting.

4. I asked H. if we could put up Christmas lights last night. I was only partly kidding.

5. The most exciting news?? K. is potty training!! After her week long stomach virus, she started crying every time she peed or pooped in her pull ups. It took me a day, but I realized she started crying BEFORE she actually went. This led to 2 days of her sitting on the potty, crying, while I was trying to comfort her. Now, a week later, she has only had 3 accidents that I can remember. I'm so proud of her, and extremely glad I didn't listen to any advice on potty training. My theory was that it would be like everything else she has learned - on her own terms.

Oh, and the cutest thing happened yesterday. K. has an aunt, C, who is in the 3rd grade (yes its a big age gap between her and my husband!). C has been raised as an only child because her brother and sister are so much older and already out of the house. She was not used to sharing and having someone else play with her toys, so when K. was old enough to get into things there were quite a few battles ending with her smacking K.'s hand and telling her no. She was disciplined, but the adults always told her that she was going to be in trouble when K. got old enough to fight back (because she is tough!! lol). Yesterday C. took one of K.'s shoes without asking and got right in K.'s face asking questions. K. reached out and told her to "MOVE!" She accidentally (or maybe on purpose, I couldn't tell) hit her in the face. I know she learned to do that because we tell the dogs to move when they get in our faces.

C. did run off crying, because her feelings were hurt. Her mom went to talk to her, and try to make her realize that K. is a person and not a baby doll that she can only play with when she wants and be mean when she doesn't.

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