Friday, September 12, 2008


H. and I had to take K. to the ER yesterday afternoon. She had what seemed to be a cold for a few days. Wednesday she developed a cough. By Thursday she was having a hard time breathing. Her entire stomach was moving in and out with every breath.

She was diagnosed with pneumonia in the left lung. She is having breathing treatments several times a day, along with IV steroids. The doctor admitted her to the hospital from the ER.

She showed a ton of improvement last night, even getting up and playing. She is staying in a super cute room with all kinds of fish and Elmo on the walls, so she was loving that.

The pneumonia seems to be clearing up (tons of coughing, lots of mucus), but the doctors are very concerned with her oxygen levels. From what was explained to me, oxygen levels at her age need to be between 93 and 97%. When she was admitted hers were at 84%. She quickly rose to 95% by the time she went to bed, but overnight they dropped back into the 80's. She was again at 95% when she woke up.

They are concerned that it may do damage to her while she is asleep. We would greatly appreciate anyone who could send a prayer our way.

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Anonymous said...

You are all in my thoughts. Speedy recovery wishes flying your way at warp speed!